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Beth Matthew is a Keynote Speaker and talented Pianist and Vocalist whose mission is to encourage, uplift and inspire audiences!  Beth combines speaking with beautiful live music to deliver “Keynote Concerts”.    She has performed in front of over 300,000 people on 60+ unique stages, and has a heart to serve others in a meaningful way.  Beth emotionally connects with audiences by vulnerably sharing stories of her personal struggles & pain, while deeply impacting audiences with encouragement, hope & uplifting music!  Beth speaks from her heart and sings from her soul about real issues that are affecting the lives of people.  As a Keynote Speaker, she creates an experience that is so engaging and transformational for audiences!  Each attendee will feel as if Beth is speaking to them individually; and when they leave, it is life-changing. 

This is more than your average keynote. This is a "Keynote Concert”!  Beth delivers an impact-driven message with music to make a lasting, positive difference.   

Beth is also a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Voiceover Talent and Mindset Coach.   She has coached hundreds of female musicians from around the world, instilling hope, motivation and support.    Beth was Community Manager of a group for female indie musicians which was voted one of the Top 10 online groups for musicians.  She has also been a Podcast Host and a Podcast Producer. 

Whether you're planning for an association, seminar, corporation, organization or private event, your audience will be transformed by Beth Matthew and her Keynote Concert!   You can book Beth's keynote concert for your in-person event, as well as your virtual event.  Click the 'Topics' tab to view Beth's One Sheet.  Click the 'Book Beth' tab for inquiries and bookings.  Or, reach out directly via email to and by phone to 540.416.9995.                                                         

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Below is Beth's speaker one sheet including her topics for events.  Click on the images to view in full size.

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You may also reach out directly via email to and by phone to 540.416.9995.   

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Beth emotionally connects with audiences

Beth combines impactful speaking with live music